The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox (Jinro Gemu Crazy Fox)

japanese horror movies have also been a passion of mine. j-horror reviews is something we kind of fell into. viewer wanted me to do japanese horror so we’re doing japanese horror. but let me start over. Hello I’m ruunya and welcome back to in moderation where all media is fair game.

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ghost stories

# Dorrs of Horror

Kuchisake-onna playlist



hide and seek alone

the Werewolf games

Ending explained



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5 thoughts on “The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox (Jinro Gemu Crazy Fox)”

  1. Why did Tachibana vote for Saeki?
    She could have won the game (and lived) if she voted for Morii
    Earlier she even lied about being the last werewolf, which means she wanted to win

  2. I have watched some of the movies but today I decided I wanted to watch it again because I forgot about it. But there’s no eng sub like it use to expect the beast side…


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