Tash Sultana – 'Seed (Intro)' – Flow State Album Official Audio

‘Seed (Intro)’ from Tash Sultana’s debut album FLOW STATE out now: Buy/stream:

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You gotta plant your seed
To watch it grow
I got the secrets locked inside of my mind
The stories I never told
I got the deepest devotion
In the mistiest ocean
Oh Lover
I’m coming home
To you
And I’ll see it through
I see it through
But when the cold game down the line

I heard that the waiting feel was fine
Why don’t we step into the light
‘Cause it’s going on and on
Until the break of dawn
And everytime I call nobody’s ever really home
But I follow
But I follow
But I follow
Follow my soul
Follow my soul
‘Cause I’m always gunna know
The right way to go
Because the feeling always shows
The way back home

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24 thoughts on “Tash Sultana – 'Seed (Intro)' – Flow State Album Official Audio”

  1. Holy crap.. she's got so much soul. What Reminds me of Remy Shand. Came out of nowhere, suddenly appeared insane talent

  2. Hands down, The best album start to finish. This was the only album I listened to for at least 5 weeks, 2-3 times a day. Roll a J and listen to Tash. Butt out, roll another, repeat. <3

  3. 1st I have to say …. perfect background for tyedye t.v , and a great musical backdrop for it so far. I know what I'm planning for next weekend now hahaha

  4. Increíble la facilidad con la que atrapa en cada una de sus canciones, te transporta a otro lugar sin estar high jshjs
    Meencanta ❤️

  5. I just say "Oh My God!" with eyes closed, and click the thumbs up button right away when guitar hit at 0:58

  6. Greeeeeeat sound amazing thanks so much sure that I seen u at Edinburgh festival not sure when it was two or three years ago I think soz if I'm wrong 🥂✌🤜🤛

  7. It's fascinating to see and witness everyone who posts comments, and especially those around you at your live shows. I was at a show of Tash's in 2017 in KC record bar, a maximum of like 200 capacity people and it was roaring like it was in the the thousands. Your music and talent is one of a kind no doubt, comparable to legendary musicians (yes), but she is her own as well. People adore your music, and I'm one of them too. Plant those seeds Tash!


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