[Soccer Spirits] Rejuvenated Jin Unique Skin – Voices

I know this is a little late, apologies. It sucks to only be able to upload videos on weekends ;_;

Also, Shota Jin is still pervy af. Seems like Jin got his habits from a young age.

► Live PvP Series
I’ll be recording my live PvP matches! Normally accepting best-of-3 matches, to cater for a longer and higher quality upload (and also for a better gauge of the match cus’ RNG). If the best-of-3 matches are of good enough quality, I’ll be uploading them to the channel as a series. Also, if time is limited, we could have a quick match instead of 3 just for fun :]

► Player Analysis Series
If you guys have any players you wish to be analysed and reviewed, feel free to suggest them. I’ll try and take on as many player requests as possible and make a player analysis on them.

► SSFormation Teambuilder
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► A huge thanks to RavenProDesign for that intro
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If anyone knows the artist for that mini Malcolm at the bottom, you can inform me down in the comments below. I’ll credit them asap.

Thanks for watching, your stay here is very much appreciated. If it isn’t too much of a hassle, why not drop a sub and become part of the MetaCrew? Future content awaits. :]

// – Details – //
Metacolm is a tribute name to my first 5* in SS (Malcolm), and ofc, Metatron.
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