[Soccer Spirits] Live PvP vs. Miikihiko :: ENTHIA IS A BEAST

Had a fun live PvP match vs Miki, a mono whirlwind user with an Enthia ace. His team is really unorthodox and worked surprisingly well, so I figured I’d showcase it here. Huge props for using Enthia :]

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Metacolm is a tribute name to my first 5* in SS (Malcolm), and ofc, Metatron.
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22 thoughts on “[Soccer Spirits] Live PvP vs. Miikihiko :: ENTHIA IS A BEAST”

  1. Well, uh, was not expecting the attention but thanks for shout out! As for Enthia, maybe she could of showed off more if you had not put William on front of her ;_;. Good games tho! I'm also not very well practiced with live pvp, but I'll have to practice more and then maybe I can put up more of a challenge (one time I got top 30 in live season, but that was only because I put a troll team in the pvp slot so people dont plan around enthia by putting their striker in front of her and I can get those 1v1 shots easier.) In the second match I passed around because I was hoping it would go back to khirel instead of neraizel. And when I passed around in the backline it was because I just wanted to use enthia once in the match XD. But again, good games tho! Look forward to doing it again sometime. Oh yeah, i also was trying a new miho build here, she was using essence of greed with a dark pen, I think it is better? (BB buff jin pls)

  2. Those were some nice matches! I never really thought too much about attacking gks to set up solos, but I guess its, a really good strat. I know its rather late, but heres my thoughts on the .gif file skins. They're probably gonna be behind a huge paywall, and exclusive to legends. Hyping them up, only to do that would be a major let down, so I hope they make them purchasable in game, or some other form of availability to f2p players.

  3. That Predictception at 6:22 … Anyway, excellent content as always ; its very refreshing to see people use players such as Enthia, it has this sweet smell of nostalgy, when the meta was Luka-Silla-Sharr front ! 🙂

  4. @Metacolm nice video ^^
    Which legend stone setup do you think is better for miri, DB+GoFJ or SHoT+GoFJ? I'm still thinking about running William, because my miri doesnt seem to do dmg. I had DB on her at first, but her dmg got pretty low and now i'm running a SHoT which kinda increased it. But i'm still unsure what to do :/

  5. Nice matches, I've faced Miikihiko in league and that Beatrice and that Enthia…they are really strong. When Enthia stole the ball to Jibril also benefited u to not have your Jiho killed and be saved from that 1v1 shot. This was a pretty nice video to see match 😃

  6. Hi Meta, im a new fan of this channel and it has helped me a lot with catching up to the game since i left it a year ago! Loving the videos and the fact that you named the channel after Metatron and Malcolm (love those two) haha.
    I wanted to ask for some help on my current team and what stones would work well on them, since i dont know if certain characters "get the job done" anymore. And since i got extremely lucky to pull Aiolos and Nabi with the 14 day returning rewards I have been thinking for changing the team a bit.
    Front: Lucid – Luka – Shura
    Middle: Malcolm – Metatron – Nabi
    Back: Anael – Aiolos – Chitose
    GK: Kei
    Support: Milky Way

    I am a bit undecided on certain points like keeping Anael in the back or replacing her with Altair for totem but then i wouldnt know if i would get a good enough line breaker as i dont know how well aiolos works for line breaking (I was thinking of building Mark of the bond on her to get the action bar debuff more often, but seeing your matches make me reconsider that…). Should i keep Anael in the back or even try to move her to middle, where malcolm is?
    Was also considering putting Milky Way as a support in the front but I think she can fit in the back sometimes too? I am close to getting 900 DS for Baltheon so I would run Lucid Balth Shura in the future.

    P.S.: Got lucky and scouted a Calm Icicle the other day so im defintely going to reroll Metatron for it later on! Loved that video and thank you for your attention haha

  7. Nice, it's much more interesting to see uncommon characters/teams. Hopefully there are some other people you can play against who use mono teams at a high level. Hopefully one day I'll get there with Ardor but for now, I'd get squashed as I'm only at around 20k power and don't even have unique stones for my passers.

    The only passing stone I have is BoS, which is cool but neither Renee nor Melisa have a light slot. I considered rerolling Melisa for a light slot but I'm not sure if SC is better. I'm not sure how the math works, is it additive damage or multiplicative? Since William already has +100% CD, then the stone would just make it +112%. In which case that's only a true 6% damage increase, but if it's multiplicative, then then it would technically be +24% of base, to equate to the 12% stated. I'm assuming it's additive. If I just look at pass effect, then Melisa's non active pass would go from +1549 to 1,816 with SC, + Williams natural Dribble, which is 1941 for me, ending at 3,757 (Technically 3982 including the CD from SC & that extra damage would also affect passes from Renee) And BoS would take it to +3891 but it would only affect Melisa. However, the additional +20% AB with a pass on BoS might make up for it. Since we could take that as multiplicative dps, assuming she passes it to William, you could Arguably claim it's actually takes his damage to 4,669 over time. Though this sounds more like a WoM William Strategy and might not be as effective with my Glab William. So I'm having a hard time deciding here. Any thoughts?

  8. Pls bring variety to teams. Im still using my mono dark team and i cant use another team than 4 man front. Only make 4 man back viable is crit res team but i rerolled my presty for elrep and craft luq already so. Only solution to this is to make rainbow team with my new jiho but it is another think that takes a lot of time like, i have to invest at least 3 players and change stones my current team.
    I dont think im the only one who has issues like this. Even changing stones, even removing them costs almost 1m gold. Everything is too expensive and progress is to slow. Like, i cant imagine new players struggles. I dont see different front line in past week then balth+jibril+miri. I can beat them but im sick of it to play against exac same teams. It is no difference then farming pve 😀

    (Edit: I dont wanted to be a guy who is blaming everything and dislikes what games compony does and still keep playing but i feel like im becoming one :D)

  9. Don't you think the almost infinite loop jiho back is really broken , i mean jiho wasn't design to do this , and in a rainbow legend team that buff them so much with this technique ! That why even if i have to possibility to use this technique i don't use this , if they play a not a broken team in live pvp

  10. Hi Metacolm great match. I wanted your opinion on my light thunder team since they will be adding in dual ace burst ( i think LOL) I would love if anyone could make comments on this because i really want to utilize the front line well but my mid is questionable
    Front: Leventor – Veronica – Asuray
    Mid: Duke – Bell – Freyja
    Back: Ustiel – Nerua – Shaman
    GK: Glayde
    Support: Sakiel

  11. Enthya is a beast. Even if she in low hp, she still attack enemy and success at that. But she is very hard to use, especially her stone.

  12. So many Meta videos O.o
    Great match, would have been fun if you used that 1* Renee 😛 Both teams are interesting 🙂


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