[Soccer Spirits] Leventor's Buff :: My Opinions / Analysis

I didn’t touch on the entire patch note, only the Leventor buff. But I’m curious to what you guys think of the recent patch (especially that sweet Irru buff :D)

Overall I’m happy for Leventor’s well deserved buff, though at the same time I can’t help but feel bitter for Jin & William’s buff

Anyway I’ll be going off soon, so I might not be able to get to every comment. I’ll try and reply to everyone once I’m back :]

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30 thoughts on “[Soccer Spirits] Leventor's Buff :: My Opinions / Analysis”

  1. Just wondering. I'm building my mono dark team. Can you advise me whether a damien, balth, armel frontline would be better or damien, balth, hamerus?

  2. Do you have any suggestion on stones? I mean yes I heard you talk about Lev can use SHoT instead of Glabaris. Imma using 2 red Crit damage and 1 blue receive pass effect on him. What do you think?

    Nice video like always 🙂

  3. Ah plz don't show case my exact comp I've been using this past year >.<(hame, sakiel, jibril, and leve) I don't want people knowing my secret op frontline >_<

  4. Good morning Meta from a soon to be new player, is it possible and an okay start to try and hunt for leventor as a new player?

    Also subscribed to enjoy more Soccer videos

  5. Hi Metacolm, thanks for all the hardwork you've been putting into your videos so far 🙂 I've been wanting to ask about your opinion about some strikers, since I want to try using strikers that aren't so popularly used, and non-legend ones as well. I've been looking at Hiro and Kyoko since their art is really nice, but I'm not sure if they'd be good in the meta. What are your thoughts?

  6. Well because Im running a mono dark team.(Unluckly I m not that lucky 3 kirnas is free draw in one mouth its unlucky for me) Im still waiting for Viadi EE but … Armel can be runned at middle for reflex and them go to front line giving Crit.r. so she is good in rainbow teams that need reflex/or Crit.Rate and a 30% HP Rec when stealing or attacked

  7. I guess this means Blade and Griffith are both going to the benches…
    Time to farm for 900 dstones to get Leventor lmao

  8. Which one the best long striker in soccer spirit right now?
    Mp Dane
    And nice video keep up the good work

  9. The Irru buff is absolutely underwhelming. His kit is all over the place, with no real stand out stats, and the time based skill conflicts with the AB recovery one. There's so much they could've done instead. And now he'll probably never get touched again, or at least for a long time.

  10. Eh, Leventor still has his weaknesses, they're just not that noticeable. He is extremely slow and basically relies on two passers to even shoot, yet he has 0 receiving pass effect in his kit. Other than that he is solid right now.

  11. With me drawing Leventor and Kirna recently, i'm aiming to build them both as they both replace my Gk and Striker without having to change my team much.
    With this, i can also run Leventor and Eltichusa for that Defense shred and mass amounts of crit/crit damage.
    I'll also be able to run Karpilla for mass amounts of pass, Crit and Crit dmg.
    I think my time in universe is soon (don't quote me on that).

  12. I never espected Leventor to be buffed tbh, I got happy with what they did to him. I'm also planning to introduce a RoP to the team to make that reducement higher. That William seems pretty OP tbh

  13. @Metacolm i drew William like a few weeks ago, but i have miri in my team rn, do you think William and lev r better than her atm?

  14. Glad to see Leventor finally got an upgrade, definitely not feeling bitter about William's small buff in comparison lol…

    The new Ardor player Wonny seems mediocre. She feels like she doesn't know what she should be. A mostly useless active skill, 1 attack passive, 1 defensive passive and a totem. Not sure if she's supposed to be a jack of a all trades kind of character or if she's just a mess. Her shield seems good on paper but since she seems to be more geared towards penetrating, the only time you'll pass is when you've penetrated the line. If you manually play her, I guess you could pass just to get her shield up but it feels like a waste. Since the shield only lasts 3 mins, it doesn't seem like it'll be useful in practice.

    Also, I just got 900 dimension stones. I really, really want Nabi but she's a new star. When do you think the next ardor legendary will be released (or anyone else reading this)? Anytime soon? Or should I just accept defeat and get Shu? (Gonna be a while before I'm ready to make a rainbow teams, so not looking at other legends yet.) I know someone made an April's fools day patch note that mentioned an ardor legendary GK but I'm guessing that's not legit lol.

  15. Damn that is another strong legend player. Well Leventor kind of deserves it to be honest.
    But they need to buff 5* players!!
    Gl with your stuff in real life 🙂

  16. You only wrong 1 point. That they use Hamerus with Celus more than Elchitusa. By doing that, enemy Gk have almost zero dec. I have meet many team formation like that so I feel very happy when they nerf Hamerus but a bit sad because I lost 1 of powerful debuf for PvE.


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