Sherlock Meets Jim Moriarty | The Great Game | Sherlock | BBC

Sherlock meets Molly’s boyfriend for the first time… Taken from Sherlock: The Great Game.

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32 thoughts on “Sherlock Meets Jim Moriarty | The Great Game | Sherlock | BBC”

  1. For some reason, in my mind on how I remembered it, I thought Mycroft took form if Moriarty and is still is brother and a master criminal…. rewatching it really helped me it was very confusing….

  2. I would have appreciated Sherlock saying that , actually. Rather than failing in love with someone only to realize he was gay like a month into the relationship. Sherlock was only trying to spare her the heartbreak.

  3. Moffat & Gatiss changed the end of that episode so that Sherlock & Moriarty could come face to face. I wish we could have seen how the Great Game was suppose to end. Brilliant episode.

  4. Nobody seems to talk about how Moriarty hid himself from sherlock's deductions, I mean he knew Mary was a liar when they first met so the fact the most noticeable thing to Sherlock was gay from Moriarty is impressive.


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