RPG Quest #212: Thousand Arms (PS1) Part 1

RPG Quest is my attempt to beat every English RPG released on consoles.

Playlist of all parts:

Game #212 is Thousand Arms on PS1, a JRPG.

Thousand Arms is a unique game: half dating sim, half RPG. You play as Meis, who comes from a line of Spirit Blacksmiths; men who, with the help of (beautiful) women imbue weapons with powerful spirits.

Meis can date up to 9 different women, who give him various powers, as he searches the world for the Sacred Altars while being hounded by the Dark Acolytes.

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4 thoughts on “RPG Quest #212: Thousand Arms (PS1) Part 1”

  1. Wow, I found myself in a couple places. It's been so long I had forgotten the names of the characters but it appears I am definitely "Jyabil" (for instance, starting at 34:43). If I find any other of my characters I'll add to this comment.

  2. That green haired girl made me nearly choke. "How dare you be put on guard out by a question even an autistic child would never ask! You wuss!". Let me tell you something, I'm about as manly as it gets and that shit threw me off. The hell Japan?


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