Rolie Polie Olie: The Search for Spot – Playhouse Disney Videogame Longplay (2001) / No commentary

Join Olie in an interactive learning experience for kids 2-5 based in the social and moral universe of the show. In Playhouse Disney’s Rolie Polie Olie: The Search for Spot, help Olie find his dog Spot who is running around the house! Explore the amazing automated Polie household, create your own robotic musical score, transform ordinary furniture into amazing rockets and pirate ships, hone visual skills while capturing run-away colors and plumb the untold depths of Tubby, the Polie bathtub. Children will be able to interact with their favorite Rolie Polie Olie characters, in a magical exploratory adventure where “Learning is Powered by Imagination.”

Producer: Jeffrey Kessler
Technology Manager: Andy Fisher
Marketing Manager: Tammy DeMarco
Manager, Quality Assurance: David Arnspiger
Supervisor, Quality Assurance: Ken B. Korman
Project Lead/Senior Tester: Marta Saylors
QA Test Team: Tina Marshall, Ramal Porter, Laurie Tom, Sookias Sookiasian, Jonathan Martinez, Esperanza Montano, Vahe Stambultsyan, Lawrence Hua, Jason Gilbert, John Krang, Robert Fong
QA Technology Team: Scott Torroll (Supervisor, QA Technology Team), Steve LaRoe (Project Lead, Technology), David Yeung (Project Lead, Technology), Mario Donis, Brian Haynie, Caesar Infante, Jaime Serrano, Josh Doud, Brandon Royes
QA Operations and Support Team: Emil Haghnazarian (Lead, Media Room), Maurizio Condarcuri (Media Room Technician), Marcelo C. Alvarez (Media Room Technician), Suzan Carne (Project Lead, QA Operations and Support), Sue Flores (QA Operations Coordinator)
Customer Support Liaison: Patrick R. Burns
Documentation Supervisor: Barry Schwartz
Special Thanks: Philip Hopbell, Patricia Robinson, The children who play tested Rolie Polie Olie
Executive Producers: Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive Smith
Supervising Producer: Scott Dyer
Producer: Allison Chai
Creative Advisors: Susie Grondin, Ron Pitts
Design Consultant: Lynn Harris
Writer: Pam Lehn
Storyboards: Winky Wong
Software Engineer: Ryan Brown
Supervising Technical Director: Scott MacMillan
Technical Director: Jason Reeves
Animation Director: Ron Migliore
Animation: Terry Carter, Peter Hudecki, Steve Keeping, Ed Koder, Colin MacMahon, Michel Magnan, Kevin McDonagh, Caitriona Murphy, Robert Padovan, Fred Spek, Mark Stanger, Geoff Walton,

Sparx Animation and Digital Visual Effects Studio
Voice Director: Jessie Thompson
Voice Talent: Kristen Bone, Len Carlson, Cole Caplan, Robert Smith
Sound Effects and Music: Glenn Barna, Norm Beaver, Mike Northcot
Special thanks to: Victor Balanco, Steve Chadwick, Mac Holyoke, Paul Kotyk, Zev Lepofsky, Dee Shipley

Playhouse Disney’s Rolie Polie Olie: The Search for Spot (2001)
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