Pentagon turn into carrot-munching bunnies playing the 'Bunny Bunny' drinking game

Pentagon turn into carrot-munching bunnies playing the ‘Bunny Bunny’ drinking game
Pentagon appeared as guests on tvN’s mini web reality series, ‘Game Bar’!On ‘Game Bar’, various guests drink alcohol and eat snacks while playing popular drinking games, competing to beat the show’s production staff in order to earn prizes. This week, part 2 of Pentagon’s guest appearance aired, where the Pentagon members played a cute game called ‘Bunny Bunny’!The game is called ‘Bunny Bunny’ because the players either make the hand and mouth motions of a bunny eating a carrot while saying “bunny bunny”, while players next to them shout out “carrot carrot”. Because the Pentagon members proved they were so terrible at all of the games they tried out throughout parts 1 and 2, they slowed the game down at a leisurely pace. Watch the boys play the fun ‘Bunny Bunny’ game, the watermelon game, the initial game, and more in part 2 of their ‘Game Bar’ above, and if you missed last week’s episode, you can catch that first, below!
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