Inexpensive Miniatures for D&D – Official Dungeons and Dragons Board Game minis painted!

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Ashardalon –
Elemental Evil –
Legend of Drizzt

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I showcase some of the official D&D board game minis after I painted them. These are some of the first minis I painted and are an excellent value for anyone interested in using minis for the latest D&D releases!

“Ossuary 1 – A Beginning” Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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25 thoughts on “Inexpensive Miniatures for D&D – Official Dungeons and Dragons Board Game minis painted!”

  1. Can you use the boiling water and ice water technique to straighten the minis if they are bent? I'm new to painting and want to know before I buy and destroy the minis. Thanks! Ps: Subbed and Liked!!

  2. How did you get Ertuu's sword straight and his wing off of it? Did you heat it to get it to stay back a bit? Or was I just unlucky and got a smashed or poorly glued together mini?

  3. What's the best d n d board game to get first looks like elimental evil has the best minitures n the dinosaur one has the best tiles

  4. could buy from reaper as well, they are also cheap and their pathfinder lines has some great looking metal miniatures. also their bones series has great plastic miniatures, my absolute favorite sculptors being Julie Guthrie, her style in dragons is very pleasing. other one is Chris Lewis, who sculpted the new versions of the fire giants.
    their free shipping for euro areas is 70€ but for US it is only 35$ for UK 60£ and australia 100$.

  5. I'm a Miniatures collector these minis don't look very good even though they might be cheap that's just my opinion though. I think you could get a lot better Miniatures least better looking ones a few more coins to do it.

  6. How long did it take to paint all the sets? I currently have three of the boardgames and was wondering how long it would take to attain the same level of quality as the ones shown.

  7. Hey, so I currently own temple of elemental evil (minus the dragon because I bought mine second handed and they lost it) which of the DnD board games would you recommend to help round out my collection? I'm looking at either wrath of ashardalon and castle ravenloft. I can only get one right now so I was wondering which one would compliment the one I already have.


  8. Just getting into painting minis, and since I have the temple of elemental evil, these are the exact words I wanted to hear. Subscribed.



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