How To: Use Revo Uninstaller – Free Version!

In this how to video I show you how to use Revo Uninstaller (free version) to uninstall a program, and find the leftovers that would have been left on your system. Download it here:

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24 thoughts on “How To: Use Revo Uninstaller – Free Version!”

  1. Hey bro I want to remove leftover files which I didn't deleted with revo so how can I find them from now on I will use this software but what about past please help I am finding solution for this from very long I hope you will or anyone else 😔

  2. great video, quick question though. if i have already uninstalled a programme (before installing REVO or by not using REVO), is it possible to uinstall the leftovers using REVO. Is there a way of searching for the leftovers if you have already uninstalled prior to installing REVO. I hope my question makes sense. TIA

  3. I have unfortunately used the built in uninstaller for a long time and therefore my pc is filled with leftover crap… Do you know any way to get rid of em

  4. I'm looking to get this too. It aggravates my OCD so much when there's all this crap on windows that's difficult to uninstall. I just want a clean and light windows with only the software necessary to my interests.

  5. Thanks, love Revo. I just blew out Skype. Shocking at all the leftover files they leave behind, on purpose. I only use Revo to uninstall programs now, otherwise a ton of junk is left behind + hard to remove.

  6. Wow this actually worked thanks man worked amazing if anyone of you that are worried that it might get you a virus trust me it doesnt

  7. I downloaded last night, buy this software could not ininstall AVG Antivirus and WPS Office residual files, I did it myself one by one in the registry until this morning. Man, I´m fucking tired, never fight with your PC technician hahah.

  8. I had the "Please upgrade your Yahoo" pop up(the creators didn't do a good job just by naming it: Search! By Yahoo, but anyways… I tried control panel and that didn't work so I thought hey, why not give this a try? and it worked! I completely removed that bs program and everything that started it, thank you so much, David.

  9. Thank you. Worked for me. Uninstalled & Mozilla firefox one HD issue with permissions an the other with windows installer service. Going to try hunter mode now.

  10. Hi what do i do if the game does not have a icon in the "uninstaller" and "Windows Apps" section of Revo ?

    Because i tried uninstalling a windows store game "Gears of War Ultimate Edition" through windows regular "add/remove" section and it didnt free up much space and ive noticed the game and many windows store games are located in the hidden "WindowsApps" folder. I have found 1 folder there for it which seems to be the most of the install/traces of the game because it takes up 57.9 gb but i cant manage to search for the game in Revo Uninstaller to pop up all the folders and traces this game might have due to the uninstall function being removed after i tried uninstalling it normally first with the add/remove of windows i mentioned earlier. And since Revo doesnt find it when i search for anything im not sure how to get a "uninstall" function in revo for this game


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