Functions in GameMaker Studio 2.3 – Game Maker Tutorial

One of the most prominent additions to the massive GameMaker Studio 2.3 update, the addition of proper functions!

As you’re probably aware. there are a lot of new language additions in the 2.3 update. I’ll be covering most of them in due time!

A supplemental video on global variables:


GameMaker 3D playlist:

GameMaker Studio 2 playlist:

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8 thoughts on “Functions in GameMaker Studio 2.3 – Game Maker Tutorial”

  1. I'm glad you no longer have to write "var smth = argument[0];", those few MOV and SUB instructions take some CPU time as well.

  2. Glad you covered how functions can't currently be called with ( ) when stored in a variable.
    I was wondering if I was missing something when trying this.

  3. 14:10

    Not ideal for the meanwhile, but at least you can use var f = method(undefined, scr_rotate_to_point);
    That'll create a proper link to said function.


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