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26 thoughts on “Dating Coaches | Seduction Master’s | Game Gurus”

  1. I’ve listened to CBoogie for a minute now and one of his greatest strengths is his greatest weakness. His blind loyalty to people puts him in opposition to other guys. He stood next to obsidian until obsidian proved that he was a clown. ARC is big bro and he is inheriting his beef, when AMS has never to my knowledge said a word about CBoogie. I have actually read a few of Alan’s books. I think the real problem is that yes AMS bit ARC, but AMS is marketing to younger males. ARC isn’t going to have a bunch of 19 year olds on his channel because his delivery isn’t for impatient young guys. AMS blew up because of his delivery. I still listen to and respect all three of y’all BUT this shit is starting to get a little petty now.

  2. I see you actually chose sides braahhh, in life people take bits and pieces from everyone and everything around them which includes life experiences. EVERYONE TAKES FROM PEOPLE BEFORE THEM AND IF THERE HUMBLE ENOUGH THEY WILL ADMIT THE TOOK THINGS FROM YOUNGER PEOPLE AS WELL.

  3. Good video. Learn from authentic persons, yet don't copy them!!
    This is how I see things lately : improve yourself not exclusively for women , and if they are really not into you, DONT STOP IMPROVING YOURSELF !!

    Most of us chase women for CLOUT and SOCIAL ACCOLADES. There are other things to accomplish in life. Being 1000% dedicated to women is another dangerous form of pedestalization of females.

    How women can see themselves as normal beings when men pay thousand of dollars to a dating coach? Same men that won't spend 10 minutes with an investment counselor.

  4. When AMS first showed up he said "…I won't lie to you like all the other dating coaches about being confident and all that bs". Now almost every of his videos is about confidence lol

  5. Congratulations on the book. Book or no book I'm going to listen to a combat veteran of two tours of duty. All know isn't obtained from a book but I do understand being a published author gives you a degree of credibility.

  6. Real talk bro I listen to your shit to help me stay in my masculine frame. Especially before dates, I’ll listen to a c boogie production video on my way to the date, and I’ll arrive a more cool and collect person

  7. I care about the social reputation of a yt content creator if I'm gonna LEARN something if I find them entertaining then I could care less……
    I also care if someone resonates with me….because that's important to me…
    C boogie and Rom Wills are guys that I have subscribed to because I think they are authentic and have lived the experiences they talk about….

  8. In my opinion, I think AMS’s content is very watered down and it’s meant for a particular audience of guys who have no idea on how to deal with women, let alone getting any women at all. But with your content, Uncle Rom Wills content, as well as Cousin T, is more of a matured perspective as to how to deal with women and the inner workings of dealing with women from a strong masculine perspective. Self improvement isn’t the most popular message out there, but one thing I know for a fact is that it’s the most effective, because it’s helped me tremendously in my life, and I’m still making gains. I’m glad you spoke on this, because it had to be said. Big ups💯💯

  9. What's y'all take on female red pill coaches? This black chick name Bosana gives true info about female nature on YT and tells men not to fall for games that females do.

  10. I aint gon lie, I been waiting for a while for you, Uncle Rom, ARC or Cousin T to make a video on this topic. A couple years ago, 2017-18 I was heavy on AMS, and later on was heavy on some other now big content creators in this niche. But I noticed as I really started self-improving, I grew out of their content and I migrated to really only taking teachings from you 4 and a couple other men. Some of these content creators that blew up only blew up because they make content that most non-select guys love to hear – how grimey women are and how to manipulate them. The REAL advice on women and self-improvement isn’t appealing to the masses. But that’s why y’all have more mature audiences who actually put in work. Y’all give that REAL talk.


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