Blizzard – My Letter To Eddie (R.I.P Eddie Thornber 1993-2011)

Let me know what it’s like in the sky, I
couldn’t help but cry when you died,
it was such a bad time in my life,
when I heard the news first hand, I dismissed it and I denied it was right, but it was so true.

I was privileged to know you,
there’s so many things that I didn’t get to show you
I was gutted when I heard about the casualty
It shocked the whole community and yeah it damaged me

I hope you’re in the sky looking back at me,
’cause if the spineless never die I doubt they’ll ever see the back of me.
You took your own life, and I don’t hate you coz of that,
but your friends and I couldn’t control the way that we’d react.

It was such a shock. Last night I dreamt I saw your happy face
I just hope you’re in your happy place.
You’re a credit to your family, and I wish that you was here,
I’m treating this like a prayer that I could whisper in your ear. I hope you hear.

I’ve // heard time heals all wounds, well about that,
not even a week’s passed and my head still around that,
I doubt that, I’ll forget you actually I know I never will,
in years gone by we’ll all think about Eddie still.

You was so bubbly, you was so lovely
you’d put food in your friends hands if they were hungry,
it was nothing to you. Thinking back you was so popular.
You had the world in your two hands no-one was stopping ya.

I would leave a flower where they found ya body
But I’d rather talk to you and tell you how I feel,
Dealing with death is so surreal,
but I miss you so much it’s only right I let you know the deal.

Nobody’s said a bad word or had a stab at you
I guess that says a lot about your character.
It’s torture, knowing that you’re not around the corner,
the next joint I light up is for ya.


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