Ballistic: The Best F2P Browser FPS? (Gameplay/Commentary)


This game is truly amazing guys, give it a chance and let me know your experience in the comment section down below. it takes some time getting used to but its soooooooo awesome.

-ProfessorSnipe (AKA zir)


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Ballistic First Person Shooter Browser FaceBook Game by Rumble Games Gameplay Commentary First Impressions Video

Weapons used: Rogue Tier 1 Marksman Rifle

Classes: Marskman, Tank, Wraith, Shadow, Vanguard, Berserker, Grenadier


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42 thoughts on “Ballistic: The Best F2P Browser FPS? (Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. Horrible game.
    Alright so I start playing.
    1.The gameplay mechanics are horrible.
    2.Fair matchmaking? Non existent.I played my first game and already I was matched up with fucking Shadows,snipers and LMG's owning my ass.
    4.It's pay to win.

  2. Oh, and by the way, Google Chrome is dropping support for the Unity Engine, so go play the game on Firefox instead.

  3. If any of you are going to try this game and don't like spending cash on stuff, don't worry so much about it. In fact, I had a blast playing the game despite people buying their unlocks early, mostly because the game actually comes with a skill tree and power ups you can use to counter their weapons. Be sure to spend your skill points properly when upgrading, and once you buy 10,000 Credits, get the Shadow Class. If you're not good at scoring points, then the Grenadier is fine too.

    And don't be too worried about explosives though; they're not as mild as you think. Way better than Combat Arms's explosives and CoD's Grenade Launchers, trust me. Oh, and spawn trapping/camping isn't possible for the other team, you have spawn zones which block people from entering, and it's hilarious. You can just pop out and get a head shot if they're standing still, or throw a grenade on the ground, and many Snipers in the game did a good job pushing other players out. The game also has an Ammo-Health Regenerator in spawn zones, so it solves A LOT of problems I've had with Combat Arms, and it feels amazing.

    The game also rewards you for playing by letting you gain a certain amount of points or so to open three cases that contain either weapons, power-ups, or more credits to spend on. The more games you play, the more cases you open, and the better you are in these games, the sooner you'll open these cases. It's such a satisfying experience. I'd like to see you all in there some time. Oh, and Snipers are tougher than Steel in this game. Don't go head-to-head with them too often. They're not as weak as they look, not to mention that they have some awesome Sam Fisher Multi-Vision Goggles!

  4. I've been playing this game for a couple of hours and would like to play with my friends now, but I can't figure how…

  5. Hey prof why don't you try warface.
    I am thinking on getting the game myself but in need a good review. If you can make one, that will be epic. Thanks

  6. just started today but on congregate for some reasons dont alwed me to play on nick-Hydra BG.if u want guys add me as friend.thank you

  7. Lol i didnt knew you made a video of this 😛 i also made one 😉
    Btw : you can also play this on 🙂

  8. Warface is much better than BF4F. Much more fun and much more a cool feeling, especially when in co-op mode, of teamplay. Thanks for sharing!

  9. gamename is AutumnRage.  I agree with what you say.  But after the 3 day trial period, you have to have 15k in order to unlock one class.  If they lowered the price, that would be my only request.  Otherwise, while you're playing, you won't be able to use the money you make.

  10. Great great on showing this game.  It really is a great game that is easy to grab, easy to learn, and fun to play.

  11. When u join the game they give a subscription trial for 3 days . But wat happens wen it finishes how to play other classes? Can someone help me?

  12. Play warface. It's a really nice game and more realistic than bfp4f. Shots damage are based on locations where they land. Not just like head and torso, but there's a different multiplier for every area of the body. Also, semi auto snipers can deal 1 hit headshots and bolt action can deal 1 hit kills anywhere besides limbs.

  13. Simply put: no way in hell, mandatory FB is what makes it very dubious. No game should demand 3rd party register and login. Those neat little FB games is totally different than competitive circles and you and i both know that putting FPS F2P players on FB with each on their own names, easily traceable to home addresses and other personal info.. just imagine the bullying that doesn't stop at the official forums but involves your real persona..

    Just HELL NO!!! There's a reason why my game persona is separate from my real persona. I know, just 1s google-fu and you have my real name and address but that 1s is enough to stop things escalating too fast and too far.

  14. Try WARFACE. It's made by crytek, and is not at all graphics intensive, but looks awesome. Holosights, attachments are free and earnable. It's browser based too – no client needed.

  15. Why do you Guys act so immature, It's obviously not fun to play the Same game forever , Also everyone has his different taste in play-styles


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