ATS Washington (Pre-Release) – Through Seattle

In my second journey in Washington we take some fireworks from Tacoma up to Bellingham, visiting Seattle and Everett on the way. Note that this is a pre-release build of Washington DLC.

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29 thoughts on “ATS Washington (Pre-Release) – Through Seattle”

  1. Squirrel thanks for driving to Bellingham. I live in the Bham area. Pretty good representation of the drive from Tacoma to Bham through Seattle. There is a small mountain pass with some small waterfalls between Burlington and Bellingham I wished they could have put in the game for Washington. Also the Rocket you saw in Bham is a business called Rocket Donuts. I love your work BTW.

  2. My dad used to work at the kenworth dealer as a mechanic! He's a manager at the PACCAR technical center now, happy he doesn't have tk drive into Seattle anymore haha

  3. Wow the Federal Way weigh scale is pretty accurate. It doubles as a great area and is right in front of a water park. It's a pain in the ass.

  4. I live in the area and i got confused for a moment, a large section of area was removed, im so used to more stuff being between the Tacoma area you left and when you made it to the Seattle interchange and port. … Basically the area where i live.

  5. Shops with car parks are very very popular in America and not in the UK you said? So do you guys in the UK walk to your shops or park in the woods or dirt roads, Wrf r u talking about here lol

  6. Hi FYI. the yellow bumps/dots are marked like that in real life. it's like having a island there for separation. but without hassle of maintaining the island.

  7. That second weigh station are for the trucks that pick up loads from the docks. Sometimes you do get pulled in twice in one state. ATS got it right.

  8. Totally missed Kurt Cobain's childhood home!
    Just getting out of the main city center in Shitattle is the same as any major city in the US, gigantic transition from a very "verticalized" center (many times mostly modernized) to a sudden "inner city" old center vibe (old buildings, mostly run down hoods, but gentrification is a thing just like in Seattle) with some homes, semi-detached or not town building homes, small buildings, shops either opened or closed in run down areas. Then there're the old blue collar suburbs, that aren't that far, sometimes, maybe closer to an old factory and such.

  9. I was born in Spokane, the highway is quite accurate through there, the hospital you see when you drive on I 90 is the hospital I was born at.


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