A Quick Look at Hades || gameplay & art

Shoutout to an anonymous fan who donated this game to me! I don’t know who you are, but I am grateful to you.

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Supergiant Games are so much my jam, I keep confusing them for strawberries. I obviously had to take a look at Hades, and suck at it pretty badly. It’s one of those games that is very obviously only going to reveal its actual story conceit slowly as you play – the drip-feed method – but even without being able to comment on the story, I can gush over the artwork. And such artwork!

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34 thoughts on “A Quick Look at Hades || gameplay & art”

  1. The Classicist in me really wants this game. Especially since so far it seems they're actually getting the mythology right. You would be shocked at how rare that actually is.

  2. "Cousin"? Shouldn’t Athena be the main character’s aunt? Because she is the daughter of Zeus (born out of his head). And Persephone (Hades´ wife) is the daughter/niece of Zeus. But hades is also Zeus´ brother, which would make the main charakter both nephew and grandson of Zeus. That way Athena could call him "cousin". So complicated.

  3. Unrelated, but I would love to see Avatar the last airbender review, on how the bending fights are handled, story is developed and animation style.

  4. Why are their games so beautiful goddamit now I want to play one of the other ones again. Also very happy about the gameplay, I didn't like it in Pyre that much.

  5. Hey Skyen, really enjoyed the vid (as always) but was wondering…could you do a video on pyre? A video on it in any context would be amazing (for me at least).

  6. Fun fact: Zagreus is actually son of Zeus and Persephone, after the former took the form of a serpent and lay with her, yeah.

  7. boy i love supergiant's style, im saving just to buy this game
    i hope you make a first impressions of pyre some day too, i loved that game so much

  8. I love Supergiant games so much. I feel like they are sooo underrated. Loved the video! If you make more of them would totally watch them! Also the music is another thing this company always strike gold with. And if you play a bit more I think you'll notice how darn good it is!

  9. I'm surprised you haven't made a video about Heimerdinger, since when you talk + your channel's image kinda give me a scientist vibe. I love the way you trace your line of thoughts as you speak.

  10. Take a look at Transistor, you might enjoy it.
    It just came to my mind when I looked at the graphics of this game. Now back to watching!

    EDIT: Okay, it's from the same studio as Transistor. No wonder why I have the same tingling sensation while watching it…


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