100% – Final Fantasy 1 – #13 Labyrinth of Time Puzzles

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Final Fantasy I PSP Edition (2007)

God that was painful to do.
This dungeon shall not be done if you’re easily angered or frustrated, seriously.
Lots of these “puzzles” are easy, some require a bit of training, and the last ones will make you suffer.
I decided to compile all this to show you how it’s done, rather than putting up 8 videos for all Chronodia’s different paths.
If you decided to conquer this one, I wish you all the luck I can.

Next video will cover Chronodia’s fights with a path reminder, and her drops of course.

Highlights & Timelinks
00:00 Faeries’ Frolic
01:09 Faeries’ Farce
02:14 Neat and Tidy
04:51 The Guardian
06:32 Path of Light
07:31 Labyrinth of Darkness
09:10 Scavenger Hunt
10:35 March of Souls
12:03 The Bat Cave
12:46 Bat-a-bing!
13:58 Trial by Fire
15:02 Fire Drill
16:33 Specter Inspector
18:35 Beat the Heat
19:28 Thunder Alley
20:50 Mechanical Madness
21:57 Stone Trap
22:56 Flower Sale
25:21 Breakout
26:34 Mirror-image
29:28 Marching Orders
30:54 Twin Statues
33:43 Note for Note
35:27 The Path to Peace
38:05 Slay or Be Slain
47:37 Labyrinth of Trials
49:39 Labyrinth of Disasters
50:40 Step by Step
52:55 Trick Statues
56:50 Traveling Salesmen

Completion : (nothing new for now)
Bestiary : 91%
Inventory : 93%

This walkthrough covers :
– The complete story
– All items/equipment
– All ennemies
– All bosses
– Rare loots
– All dungeons cleaned and cleared
– No unnecessary grinding, hence harder early game bosses

Quick Q & A :
Q:You don’t get a lot of encounters, why ?
A:FF1 has a awfully high rate of encounters, I’ve cut the redundant ones for this walkthrough to be more pleasant to watch.

Q:Why does the sound/video sounds jumpy sometimes ?
A:Certainly because I’ve edited a battle or a menuing session, otherwise this playthrough would have lasted 10h longer.

Q:Do you plan on doing other FFs/RPGs ?
A:Absolutely, considering I find enough time to do it.

Q:Where the hell is Duke ?
A:He’ll be back. I’m not done kickin’ asses.

Special Thanks to :
– Square/Enix for making great games (and waste countless hours of my life with pleasure)

– PPSSPP team for their really good emulator

– TFergusson from Gamefaqs for his awesome Soul Of Chaos dungeons guide, saved me so much time

– Necrolesian from Gamefaqs too for his really helpful Labyrinth of Time guide, you guys are awesome

– My cat, for supporting my anger and frustration on that goddamn Labyrinth

– And you, for watching

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