🔴 Dynamic masking [GameMaker Studio 2 | Vfx]

This visual effects video tutorial shows you an alternative way how to make a mask for your drawing in GameMaker Studio.

What is the difference here?
This is actually an offical yoyo blog post which I adapted to a neat looking animation over my healthbar. So in the end this is again only a cosmetic thing to spice things up. If you have watched my last tutorial on the animated overlay you already know one way to create this overlay with a surface.

This apporach however is totally based on draw events without a surface. Image it like this: You are masking an area on which the following (animation) draw event is only visible. The downsize is that this masking is limited to hard pixels. That means gradients will apprear as one color block. The upside is that you don’t need a surface, which is defenly better in overall performance.

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